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singapore company register

To access the BizFile+ platform, business users are required to log in with their UEN or government corporate account, while individuals can access the platform using an ACRA login. This whole thing, when you come to think of it, is a double-edged sword. While ACRA Singapore and its directory is great for checking a registered company in Singapore, it doesn’t discriminate. A quick search should reveal even your company’s details — including its Singapore business registration number, compliance rating, business status, etc.

Startup Tax Exemption

Apart from this basic cost, you may have to pay for hiring services like Nominee Director, Company Secretary, Registered & Office Address. If you need help with how to open company gaap depreciation methods in Singapore, here is a checklist of crucial requirements. However, if you are clear about your vision and are in the market for the long run, put your trust in Pte.

What is the income tax filing deadline for 2023 in Singapore?

  1. The process of opening an account is straightforward but may take one to four weeks.
  2. With Piloto Asia, registering your company and owning 100% equity is not just possible, it’s straightforward and efficient.
  3. Additionally, a minimum of two partners must be appointed, and at least one manager must be a resident who is at least 18 years old.
  4. A company secretary is responsible for ensuring the company complies with its regulatory obligations and filings.
  5. You can also run your company from your native or another place.

A private limited company pays corporate taxes up to 17% on its taxable income. Like sole proprietorship, partners have unlimited liability, so personal assets aren’t protected in debts and insolvency cases. Partners can be held liable for the actions of the other partners. What this means is that because you’re registered as a sole proprietor, your liability is unlimited. If the owner can’t pay the business debt incurred, the creditors will come after your personal assets.

Public Company Limited by Guarantee

Under the Companies’ Act, all companies are required to appoint a company secretary within six months from the date of incorporation. The company secretary (who is also considered an officer of a company) assists in the administration of a company. Apart from the company constitution, another important legal document that is required as part of the incorporation process is that of a shareholder agreement. Melissa’s unique storytelling expertise makes a difference for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Her background in content and social media spans eight years in various industries, including publishing, e-commerce and marketing. At Osome, she makes everything about running a business less intimidating.

What is required to incorporate a company in Singapore?

You risk a fine or even prison time if you don’t register with them (and it’s kinda hard to run a business from a prison cell). You may register any business structure directly on ACRA’s BizFile+. As soon as you appoint us to register your Singapore company, we will apply for the approval of your desired company name.

singapore company register

If the expected annual turnover of your new company is more than S$1 million, you must register it for GST. Then, you have to collect the 9% of GST from your clients and pay it to IRAS. To register your company name online visit BizFile+, a web portal maintained by ACRA.

Then, ask your company secretary to apply to MoM for an Employment Pass for you. Once you relocate to Singapore, you can replace the nominee director and take complete charge of your company. Foreigners cannot self-register or set up company in Singapore by themselves. Hiring an agent for business registration Singapore eases their task significantly. Foreigners also need a Singapore work visa or pass to relocate and work in Singapore.

A Pte Ltd company has less than 50 shareholders, and its shares are inaccessible to the public. Shareholders can be individuals, companies, or a mixture of both. The pre-requisites, information and supporting documents needed for the application to register the business will vary, depending on the business structure type. Singapore company registration consists of a number of steps and the typical timelines for each step is described below. Please keep in mind that some of these timelines are dependent on you, so if you take longer to assemble the necessary information, the corresponding step may take longer.

Foreigners can register a company without immigrating to Singapore. Afterwards, they can go back and direct their company from their native country. Foreigners and locals over the age of 18 can register their Singapore companies easily. On the other hand, if you may not want to immigrate to Singapore. In this case, you need to appoint a nominee director at the time of registering their Singapore company.

singapore company register

It has the authority to levy fines and issue court summonses to companies. When registering a company in Singapore, you must provide a registered office address. It will serve as your company’s official address where all communications and legal documents are sent.

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